The battle is over


One can easily see that so far, life has been a struggle for most people. We are tired. The struggle to make a living, find out what we want to do with our lives, live up to expectations, make our relationships work, get through the day, be at peace with ourselves and others, find a way of living happily and harmoniously in a disharmonious world, has been exhausting. We are fighting to keep our sanity, to stay healthy, to resist the temptations, distractions and addictions being pushed on us. We struggle with the confusion over all the contradictions we face, like the porn industry versus the taboo on sexuality, or the pressure of daily life: having to go to work, pay the bills, following the rules, obeying the restrictions on the one hand, versus the pumped ideal of freedom and individuality on the other. The confusion, resulting from the reality of our lives compared to the reality that is promised to us through TV and movies, is massive. There’s a fierce battle going on between our nature on the one hand and our culture on the other. Emotions, mind, thoughts, body, sex… it’s all so confusing. What to believe in?

We are painfully aware that many, many people on this planet are dying. They have nothing. They are being exploited. We know there is slavery, disease, poverty, abuse, corruption and violence in the world. People, animals and Mother Earth herself are being mistreated. We struggle, dealing with it. We ask ourselves: is this normal? Is there something wrong with me? What is my responsibility? Am I supposed to help? Am I supposed to change the world? But how? Am I supposed to stand up and fight, or am I supposed to submit and hide?

We are all trying to cope. Psychology, philosophy, spirituality… they are all coping mechanisms. They are attempts to deal with reality in some way or another. They are ways of somehow trying to understand reality in such a way it is no longer a battle, or a burden. We try to analyze, understand, label and compartmentalize reality, trying to make sense of it all. But still we struggle, because deep down we know that life as we live it, is very different from what it is supposed to be. Deep down we know life is not as it was intended to be.
Religion is just another coping mechanism. We justify injustice by saying it is karma, it is meant to be, it is part of living on this planet, it is part of our soul’s journey. All that is justification of the injustice, it is justification of the despair, the outrage we feel over what is really going on. Because what is really going on is actually unbearable for the human spirit. What is really going on is so grim, so harsh and so wrong, that actually it is impossible to live with. We all feel it. We all feel the exhaustion.

This struggle has now come to an end. The struggle is and has always been an artificial one. It does not come from within, but from without. It does not come from our human nature. Human nature is not made for struggle. Human nature is made for love, pleasure, joy and beauty. Human nature is full of compassion, kindness and wisdom. Human nature tends to harmonize, not fight. Human nature longs to be free, not being locked up. The struggle for humanity to be humane, is an inhumane struggle. And this struggle is now finished. Why? Because we got help.

The forces that created hell on earth in the past few centuries are not human. They didn’t care about us. These forces have now been removed by other forces, who do care. This is what is called the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening has arrived. You might not recognize it yet, because the outer circumstances are the last to change. What changes first is our consciousness, our minds, our hearts, our souls, our feelings, emotions and thoughts. They have already changed. Can you feel it? Our core being has changed. Our inner world has changed. The outer world will gradually follow. It’s as if there has been a storm upon us, and it’s still a mess. There are still many coping mechanisms active, automatic behavior that has not been dismantled yet. But the storm itself is over. It just takes a while for humanity to realize it, to truly believe it. And it will take a while for the outer world to show it, too. It’s like the bird in the cage, who is not aware yet that the door of his cage is open and he can fly out any time.

So, if you ever felt your life was not meant to be such a struggle or burden, you were right. Your despair over seemingly not being able to change it, was appropriate. Your anger towards the status quo of society, where you were viciously exploited by the elite, was justified. Your sorrow and pain over the suffering you saw and felt in yourself and your loved ones, your parents, your children, your partner, your friends, the elderly, the sick and the young.. that agony was natural. It just proves you are still human! The knowing that something was deeply wrong with this world, was correct. Something was really wrong with this world.
However, you don’t need to despair anymore, because the thorn has been removed. The poison has been distracted. The evil is gone. We can now slowly, slowly return to a life that is in harmony with our true nature, which is love. You can easily see that life has been a struggle for most of us, but the time to heal, to recover, to return to our natural state, is upon us. That time is now.

Sanne Burger


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