Mother, should I trust the government?


I guess your level of trust depends on whether you have had your faith crushed before or not
Whether you have lost your religion before or not
Whether you have learned the hard way, or not

My first real insight in the extent of the deceit
Was when I studied nutrition
The truth about our diet
Is that it is a sickening one
Because sick, you are worth more to the system than healthy

Then I found out the truth about the meat industry
The dairy industry
The sugar industry
The alcohol industry
The tobacco industry
The money system
But the one that really crushed me
Was the truth about the medical industry

I jumped into that rabbit hole when my mother got breast cancer
I obsessively researched cancer
I found no proof whatsoever that chemo kills cancer
I found no proof that there is no cure for cancer
On the contrary, I found proof that there is
Food and lifestyle are the cure
It is that easy

This is uplifting and hope giving, right?
But you are not supposed to know
There is more money to be made on miserable people

It took me three years to mourn this fact
Before, I just couldn’t imagine such a level of evil
People, organizations, leaders, who deliberately deceive the world, abuse their authority, lie to the masses, deny the wisdom of ancient cultures, demonize their real healers
For profit?
That couldn’t be true
But it was
And it still is

There are people, there are powers out there
that don’t give a shit about you
They completely lack empathy
They serve a different agenda

Once I knew this, more insights came, one after another, like a flood
The truth about chemtrails
Chemicals being sprayed in the air
By Monsanto, now overtaken by Bayer
In order to poison our earth
In order to poison us
For profit and control, like always

I remember the first time I looked up at the sky and saw them
Me and my love
We were standing in the garden, hand in hand
We lived on the countryside in France
The setting was so romantic
And therefore it was even more devastating
I was mostly shocked about the fact we had managed to overlook them
Until then

We can be so, so blind for the truth
Even when it is right in front of us
Or above us

I learned the truth about the war in Iraq
The daughter of a general
saying they were throwing babies out of their incubators
It was staged
It was a deliberate lie, in order to get the public to support the declaration of war
And it worked
The rest is history

I learned the sick, slick role of the media
Gaining in power, but losing credibility
Real journalism, drowning in a shameful game of deceit
I learned the truth about weather control
Deliberate droughts, tsunami’s, floods and storms
This was the new warfare, a new way of controlling people and countries

Big Oil
Big Pharma
The truth about WWII
The truth about the bomb on Hiroshima
The truth about vaccines
That was a particular tough one to accept
Babies being injected with chemicals that weaken the immune system, cause autism, make them sick from the beginning and even kill many of them
And all this, under the disguise of health protection
I mean… babies, the most innocent of all
That couldn’t be true, right?
But it was

How low can you go?
This was the lowest, to me
Unimaginably low for most people
That is one of the ways they stay invisible
They are hiding in plain sight
Taking advantage of your kindness and trust
‘No, they would never. They really want the best for us.’

Through experience, I learned not to trust the government
I learned to be skeptical towards the media
I learned to do my own research
To trust my own judgment

And then this virus came
Skepticism and alertness already had become my second nature
First question: Is it true?
Second question: Who is benefiting from it?
Third question: What are they hiding?
Fourth question: How are we being manipulated?
Not ARE we being manipulated, but HOW are we being manipulated
Fifth question: What is being established through this?

I already had my faith crushed, remember?
I have no reason to trust the government
I have no reason to trust the medical industry
And frankly, neither have you

Think about it
Please, think about it
Is the system after your safety, your health and wellbeing, or not?
Check the facts
Check history
Are you blindly following narratives, or are you certain about the facts?
Do you believe what you’re told because you assume they tell you the truth, or do you know it to be true, because of your own experience?
Is your assumption correct?
What could be the hidden agenda?

Who would benefit from a global economic crash?
The small businesses, who most likely will not recover from this, or the big multinationals, ready to take over?
What will be the result of this crisis?
Will we gain in freedom, or will we lose it?
Will there be less control, or more?
In what kind of world do you want to live anyway?
Do you believe we are heading there?

Have you noticed how lately the word ‘conspiracy’ has become a dirty word?
Why, you reckon?
Because asking questions now has become an act of rebellion
And rebels are not welcome in the new world
The new world is orderly
The New World is Order
No freedom, no love, no differentiation, no surprises, no creativity, no freedom, no play, no investigation, no nothing
Only one thing

You are being drilled to follow orders
That’s what this virus is used for

Is it man made? Is it natural?
I don’t know
Is it dangerous?
I don’t know, as of now there is no proof saying it is
Do I care about people dying around the world?
Of course I do
Do I care about the old, the sick and the vulnerable in our society?
Of course I do
Would I do anything to help prevent a pandemic?
Of course I would
If there was one!

I don’t believe social distancing is the answer
I don’t believe a global lockdown is the answer
I don’t believe a new vaccine is the answer
I believe the measures being made are not benefiting us, the people
They benefit a different agenda
The agenda of the New World Order
The agenda of the elite, call them whatever you want, the 1%, the Illuminati, the Rockefellers, the Bilderbergers, with Bill Gates as their frontman

This is where my research has led me
I am not a conspiracy theorist
Don’t dismiss what I say by throwing this word at me
I am just trying to find answers to my questions
And I keep bumping into these names
You will too, if you do your research
It is unavoidable

I deeply care about the elderly, the poor, the sick and the weak
I am emphatic
I take responsibility
I am not after personal benefit or comfort
I am willing to help
I am willing to work
Therefore I am NOT willing to follow measures and orders that I don’t agree with
That I don’t recognize as wise or helping

Am I enraged by the thought that all this is being done on purpose?
That all the fear, the deaths and the suffering have been consciously inflicted on us?
That there is a sinister scenario being played out by coldhearted forces?
That my mother sits home alone for nothing?
You bet I am!

I never took a vow to obey orders without asking WHY
I am not a soldier
I am not part of a cult
I am not stupid
I lost my naivety ages ago
I can think for myself
I don’t need no government telling me what to do without giving me valid arguments
They lied to me before

I call upon the people
The sensitive ones, the courageous ones, the sceptical ones, the curious ones, the creative ones, the intelligent ones, the emphatic ones, the kind ones
The ones who care
The ones who want to protect the vulnerable amongst us
Be a rebel!
Ask questions!
Do your research!
Get the answers!

Cross the river in your little boat in order to pick up your beloved
Who is waiting for you on the other side
Go into the forest and listen to the trees
They know the truth
Go into the garden
Touch the earth with your bare hands and feet
Lay on the grass and feel how you are being held
Smell the flowers and remember what life is all about

Take your old mother in your arms
Rock her fragile body, tell her everything is gonna be alright
Don’t let her wither away
Play with your children
Make them laugh
Now that you have the time
Remember what is important
Especially now

Follow your heart
Don’t let fear control you
The truth is out there
Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise
Your truth matters
Find it, know it, share it
That’s how you can contribute
That’s how we can heal this world

@Sanne Burger
March 20, 2020


15 Replies to “Mother, should I trust the government?”

  1. Waw dit zou ik geschreven kunnen hebben…maar momenteel durf ik het zelfs niet meer te delen op mijn tijdlijn…in mijn omgeving ben ik de enige die zo denkt en ik ben nog maar net zwaar onder vuur genomen omdat ik mijn kinderen niet vaccineer…in die zin dat ik nu mede verantwoordelijk ben voor die hele corona shit 😞

    • Prachtig! En heel herkenbaar. Mijn onderzoeksreis heeft ertoe geleid dat ik afstand heb genomen van mijn oude vrienden, zelfs van mijn kinderen. Ik wil niet steeds met een scheef gezicht aangekeken worden of uitgemaakt voor labiel omdat een psycholoog heeft geschreven dat samenzweringstheoristen dat zijn. Maar gelukkig worden er steeds meer mensen gewekt uit de hypnose van programmering en mindcontrol. Daarom denk ik ook dat deze pandemie nu wereldwijd geïnstigeerd is. Mooie manier om protesten een halt toe te roepen.
      Virussen zijn trouwens ook iets heel anders dan ons wordt voorgeschoteld. Verdiep je maar eens in de controverse tussen Pasteur (germtheory) en Beauchamp (host of terrain theory).
      Nogmaals dank voor dit mooie bericht!

      • Je raakt een belangrijk thema hier: het dilemma tussen enerzijds trouw blijven aan jezelf en aan wat jij weet dat waar is, en anderzijds de behoefte om erbij te horen, niet buitengesloten te worden en je dierbaren niet te kwetsen/verliezen. Veel mensen voelen de angst om buitengesloten, zelfs gedemoniseerd te worden als ze gaan staan voor hun waarheid, juist nu. En juist nu is het belangrijk om dit wel te doen, om niet te zwijgen maar je stem te laten horen. Dan zul je merken dat je niet alleen staat. Maar blijf in contact met de mensen van wie je houdt, vooral je kinderen, en wees voorzichtig met de manier en het moment waarop je dingen zegt. Je hartsverbindingen zijn kostbaar. Koester ze.

  2. Dank je Sanne, op het moment dat ik bijna de moed had verloren om denkende en zelf verantwoordelijke mensne te vinden zie ik deze post. Dank je, ik ben bijna 70 en hou mijn hart vast voor de toekomst van mijn kleinkinderen.

  3. Sanne , dank voor deze heldere uiteenzetting . Hoe kunnen we tegenstand bieden ? Want ons klakkeloos overgeven , is wel het aller-allerlaatste wat we moeten doen .

  4. Heel hartelijk dank Sanne, jij geeft woorden ( in een samenvatting) aan alles waar ik voor sta.
    Ik ben niet bang om het te delen op fb. Vindt het juist mooi om dit te mogen verspreiden.
    In de loop der jaren ” heel brede schouders” gekregen en het maakte mij krachtig om ” anders” te zijn.
    Veel mensen zijn op zoek naar wat hun taak / doel in dit leven is.
    En dit, beschouw ik ook als de mijne!
    Veel liefs en nogmaals dank ❤

  5. Wat super goed geschreven. Heel veel herkenning voor mij. Ik heb veel mensen in mijn omgeving die er best een beetje voor open staan. Al weet ik dat sommigen het niet willen weten. Ik heb tot voor kort mijn mond gehouden over alles. Maar hetgeen mij nu het meest frustreert is dat je nergens je vragen kunt stellen… Ik heb een lange mail gestuurd naar de rijksoverheid. Geen idee of ze er iets mee gaan doen. Maar dan heb ik in ieder geval het gevoel dat ik iets kon zeggen. Al voelt het ook vrij zinloos.

  6. Ik zeg niet dat je iedereen moet volgen of gehoorzamen!
    Zeker gebeuren er dingen in de media die omgedraaid zijn of net in andere context geplaatst worden!
    En zeker worden de rijken steeds rijker!
    Profiteren de verkeerden van een crisis!
    Maar wat het virus betreft: ik ben verpleegkundige, ik zorg voor deze ernstig zieken patiënten!
    Misschien moet je een dag of wat met me meelopen! Dan begrijp je misschien waarom we MOETEN “volgen” of “gehoorzamen”

    • Met alle respect voor alle verpleegkundigen die voor de zieken zorgen: het feit dat er zieke mensen in het ziekenhuis liggen bewijst niet dat het Covid-19 virus daar de oorzaak van is, noch rechtvaardigt het de maatregelen. The effect does not prove the cause! Los daarvan is het fantastisch dat mensen die hulp nodig hebben die ook krijgen. Dank daarvoor!

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