Game over


The matrix is dissolving
Can you feel it?
Can you feel the uncertainty?
Can you feel that vague, underlying current of distress that gnaws at you?
Can you feel the anxiety, creeping up your spine?

Does it feel as if life is slipping through your fingers?
As if nothing is certain anymore?
As if everything that you ever took for granted seems to fall away?
As if you can’t even be sure about who you are anymore?

Do you feel as if the rug is pulled underneath you?
Do you feel as if everything that once gave you a feeling of stability is falling away?
Do you feel as if every little thing that you gave credit to for your security and comfort outside yourself, seems to be dissolving?

Well, you are right
You are not hallucinating
It is not you
You are not making it up
It is really happening
It is the matrix

The matrix is dissolving
The outside world is dissolving
The certainty of our material life is dissolving
The certainties of our relationships are dissolving
The certainty of our economic system is dissolving
The stability of our society is dissolving

It is all falling away
Bit by bit
It’s happening slowly but rapidly at the same time
Every day things are disappearing
Every day illusions burst
Like bubbles coming up from a swamp

This world is not what it looks like
This world is not what we thought it to be
This world is not what we have been taught to believe

This world is a world of illusion
This is not just a metaphor
It is not just a spiritual phrase
It is the literal truth

This is a world of hypnosis
We are all hypnotised
We do not experience life as it is
We only see and experience our stories
Our fantasies
Our concepts
That which we have been told to believe
Since childhood
Since the day we started in school
Since the day we started to watch TV

Until recently, we projected our concepts and convictions on reality
And believed them to be true
The programming was so successful that we didn’t even realize we were hypnotised
It didn’t occur to us
We were not aware of it
Until now

The fantasy world that we believed in, is now falling away
The hypnosis is wearing off
We start to see things as they are

This is not a free choice
It is happening to us, whether we want it or not
And we need to deal with it, one way or another

Either you accept it, or you resist it
If you accept it, the transition will be relatively smooth
It will be hard, but it will also be a joy
Because it it is a joy
A relief
A liberation
To finally wake up to reality as it is
As it is a beautiful reality

However, if you resist
If you fight the disappearance of the world as we know it
It will be very scary
The more you hold on to your securities
The harder it will be

The main advice here is to let go
Really, let go
Because the security that you thought you had, was false anyway
The comfort that you had, was false too
And the happiness that you had, was very, very limited
Compared to the happiness that you are capable of

For most of us, life was a continuous struggle
Still, somehow we knew
We always sensed, deep within ourselves
That something was terribly wrong with this world

What was wrong, was that you were hypnotised
What was wrong, was that you were fed lies about everything

This whole matrix was created to keep you dumb
To keep you in a lull
To make you weak, insecure, anxious and obedient
Absolutely powerless

You were taught to look at yourself as a victim
You were taught to look at yourself as dependent on the system
While the system is the matrix
The matrix is the illusion

The truth is, you are not dependent on the system
And the only way to find out is to let it go

Let go of the system
Because it is ending anyway
The system is actually letting you go
This is what is happening now

It is over
The game is over
The system is no longer in place
The system has lost its power to keep your consciousness suppressed
Too many people have already woken up
Too many people have already looked through the illusion
They don’t play the game anymore

Think of it as a sinking ship
When you hold on to the mast of a sinking ship
Because you are afraid to drown
You will go down with it

However, if you let go, you will be taken by the waves of the sea
And gently put on a new shore
The shore of a new reality

This illusory reality is like a sinking ship
And we are standing on the highest end of it
Those who don’t let go, will drown

So be brave
Let go
Let the waves of the ocean
The waves of the truth
The waves of the divine will
Take over

I promise
You will land on safe shores

Sanne Burger


12 Replies to “Game over”

  1. Wat een opluchting, ik hoop zo dat je gelijk hebt.
    Ik voel ook veel angst, angst over of ik zal overleven zonder t systeem.
    Maar in de matrix is geen leven

  2. Sanne, ik heb het even heel moeilijk. Niet omdat ik niet zie wat er gebeurd. Dit is overduidelijk! Waar ik heel verdrietig van wordt is dat het mij met drie volhardende “matrix believers” (gezinsleden) meer verdriet doet omdat we uit elkaar spatten elkaar nog maar net verdragen. Ik probeer steeds weer, keer op keer mijn mind positief te stemmen. Dat het goed komt, dat we als gezin goed terechtkomen en samenblijven. Weet niet hoe lang ze mij nog blijven verdragen…

    Je bericht geeft mij weer moed, dank.

  3. Ik voel nog geen angst omhoogkruipen! Alleen verwondering dat er zoveel angsthazen rondom mij zijn! Angst is de slechtste raadgever. Gebruik je gezond verstand en wees op de hoogte van het feit dat er verschrikkelijk veel fake news rondwaait, dus geloof zeker niet alles!

  4. Dankjewel Sanne voor dat wat je door hebt gegeven. Vanuit vertrouwen en liefde, niet wegzinkend in wanhoop of angst, zal het kwaad meer en meer verzwakken totdat wij overwinnen opgaande naar een nieuwe aarde.

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