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Usually I don’t post political stuff on Facebook, but yesterday I posted something about Greta Thunberg. I wrote: ‘Sorry, but Greta Thunberg is not going to change the world. If a sweet, innocent, autistic girl, with a very high puppy level, is hyped up by the media, it’s not because her message is so powerful. It is because someone wants to distract the masses. I don’t understand why so many people fall for it.’

Poison, murder and extinction
I got very strong reactions, both in the comments and in private messages. I didn’t realize, but people are very divided about the hype around Greta Thunberg, even my Facebook friends! One recurring comment was: ‘If you doubt Greta, you are a climate change denier.’ And: ‘You are Trump’s minion. You are responsible for poisoning this planet and murdering everyone on it. You don’t care about this planet and our children. You support Big Oil. Thanks to people like you we will be extinct in 10 years.’

The state of affairs in the world: it’s not going well
Eh…. I guess we are all very worried about the state of affairs in the world, and therefore we get a bit emotional. That’s okay. There’s good reason for it. Things don’t look good. Let’s just state, to begin with, there’s no disagreement here. If I doubt the true impact of a girl like Greta, that doesn’t mean I deny the state of affairs in the world, or don’t appreciate some of the arguments she comes forward with, especially the necessity to stop fossil fuels and start planting trees. Of course. The disagreement is about HOW we are going to change the world, not whether change is needed. Of course it is! The real division here originates from the question: Is the Greta hype, including the school strikes and her appealing talks, broadcast all over the world, bringing everybody to tears, really helping the world, or not?’

What’s going on?
If the answer is yes, then let’s all support Greta as much as we can. If the answer is no, then look further. Why I choose to look further, is because I distrust everything that is hyped by the media. I don’t trust the media, because they consciously and constantly manipulate my emotions, my instincts, my motherly feelings, my thought processes and my opinions. I learned that the hard way, but now I know. I am aware. When, for example, I am bombarded with images of dying polar bear mamas and their cubs, images that go straight to my heart, that make me want to cry and do something about it, I say: ‘Wait. What’s going on here? Who wants me to feel this way, and why?’ If I am disgusted by America’s new president and strongly feel I want to make a statement against him, I say: ‘Wait. What’s going on here? Who wants me to feel this way, and why?’ Whenever I feel a strong urge to ridicule, deny, defend of attack something – anything – I stop and investigate WHY. I have been doing this for many years now. The last time I was fooled by the media was when Obama became president. So, if I now see a girl like Greta Thunberg, over and over again, making a very clear political statement and gaining enormous momentum in the world, I say: ‘Wait. What’s going on here?’

Who gains from the climate crisis?
Someone asked: ‘Who gains from the climate crisis? What is the Greta hype distracting us from?’ Thank you, Kjersti! Those are the real questions to be asked and talked about, until we have the answers. The real answers. I believe that our worry and anxiety about the state of the world, however relevant, makes us receptive for manipulation. Who is manipulating us? The people and forces in the world that have the power and want more power. How are they manipulating us? By using the media and certain people to create doubt, division and distraction. Why are they manipulating us? Because they want to control and submit us. Why do they want to control and submit us? Because they have their own agenda, which doesn’t include peace and harmony for all. It doesn’t include creating a healthy, clean environment either. They may say so, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

Do we need another hero?
Some people believe Greta Thunberg is a voice against the established power, against the people destroying this planet. Others, including me, believe Greta Thunberg is used by exactly these powers. How? Well, by giving us, the masses, another crusader, another heroin, another Joan of Arc, Anne Frank, Vaiana, Pippi Longstockings, to project their hopes on. By giving us a false sense of relief: ‘Oh, finally someone speaks up, finally they will listen, finally something will happen. What a brave girl. I could have done the same. There is still hope for humanity.’ This is a safe, organized resistance, without risk, without blood shed, where children go to strike, but come home safely in the evening, and things return to normal the very next day. It’s a typical lull-resistance.

Two sides of the same coin
Trump and Greta are two extremes, but what if they are two sides of the same coin? What if they are put there in order to create an even bigger confusion and division between people, in order to distract us from what’s really happening and preventing us from taking REAL action? What if all this talk about mind control, psychological warfare and fear mongering is real?

Question your mind
I believe that the REAL action lies in investigating these questions, each and every one of us, within ourselves and with each other. Don’t give in when you feel the urge to contribute to division. Ask yourself: What do I really know, and what might implemented in me by forces that I vaguely recognize as NOT me? What are those forces? What is their agenda? How do I distinguish clear thought from programmed thought?

Do you want to have an impact?
I’m still investigating. In the meantime, I live on a fully self sustainable finca with solar power and water from a well, because that feels good. I am blessed to have the opportunity to live like this. I do my very best to not contribute to the pollution of the planet, even though I know my impact on that level is very small. I also try to stay away from the above mentioned forces as much as I can, which includes a very different life style than most. I’ve been off grid for 7 years, until I realized I put myself in exile and became invisible. I didn’t want that, so I changed it again. I do want to have an impact!

I welcome everything that makes me feel good
I strongly believe that the real solution for the problems we face as a humanity lies in each and every one of us waking up to the truth of who we really are and what we are here for. It’s about unplugging your mind, your heart and your soul and start to think, feel and act independently again. I am hopeful and optimistic, most of the time. I work hard to neutralize the attacks on my mind, those that make me anxious, angry, divided, forceful, aggressive, cynical, bitter, hard, depressed, confused, tired, powerless and desperate. I welcome everything that makes me feel more at peace, more compassionate, loving, clear in my head, confident, trusting, connected, kind, generous, calm, happy, open and strong.

You are my tribe
No man is an island. We can’t do this by ourselves. Let’s unite, talk, share, question, wonder, cry, make plans, clean up, build, rebuild, plant, sing, dance, dream, heal and envision together. I know so many people who do this already. You know who you are. You are my tribe. I love you all. Recognize how you respond to what’s happening around you. Know thyself, and thy will know the world.


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  1. Thank you for watering the seeds that are in my heart and mind around this very topic. I feel this comes from raw honesty and truth. Its a good reminder to still not fall into the trap of this agenda. Of course media has its own plans.. I will bring these constructive and critical thoughts in my future talks around this hype.. And empower people, by reminding them to keep taking action in their lives towards something that does make a change, and that would be the opposite of feeding into media, because again, actually the rulers of information are the very ones guilty of the irresponsible actions towards the global impact on this planet.
    Im on board with you Sanne. Lets share real information and be messengers of truth 😀

  2. I’m so happy to see someone on a similar path! We need to inspire people to change by setting an example and raising awareness!! 10 years is right and it may be mission impossible but at the very least we can wake up many more souls to shine brighter. You’ve solved the puzzle, and now you see the whole picture. Keep writing please!

  3. Thank you for being so calm and thoughtful about this topic. I also believe it is always good to be critical and ask questions. It makes me so sad to see the young especially made so hopeless and sad by the media. Always question, it will make you stronger.

  4. I follow the news. I also have 30 years of experience in sustainable development. Not sure if you have picked up the same messages that I have about or from Greta Thunberg.
    She doesn’t present herself the way you describe her. Not at all ‘sweet and innocent’. She is refreshingly direct. She kicks butt in her focused, autistic way. She’s a catalyst for exactly what you say you would like to see more of, to look at your own actions, to do your own research. And even though she’s only 16, she knows her stuff.
    You are good with words. I suggest you use them wisely. Describing Thunberg and Trump as two poles of some bigger conspiracy is silly.

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