The day of truth


My love,
If today is the day of truth
And the truth will come out about the corrupt elite
The elite, who have enslaved the masses for centuries
Who are guilty of child trafficking and child molesting
Of war and war crimes
Of exploitation and slavery
Who have deliberately created death and disease
Suffering, that they feed of
I will understand you are shocked

If all this comes out
I understand, when you are in disbelief
And I will have compassion for you
I will be there for you
I will be patient with you
I will not say: I told you so
Because the truth is too harsh and too sad to delight in

If the truth comes out today
I will not be happy, because I was right
I will be sad, because I was right
But I will also be happy, because I have been waiting for this day all my life
Knowing, that only the truth will set us free

If today is the day of truth
It will be the end of the world as we know it
Your reality will scatter before your eyes
If that happens, I will hold you in my arms
I will forgive you for all the names you called me
I will forgive you for your cognitive dissonance
Because it was not your fault
You were a victim of centuries of mind control and suppression

The only thing I wish for, then
Is that we can build up this world again
So we finally can live the life that we were meant for

However, if today is the day of truth
And instead, it will be revealed that all this was fake news
And people were accused for no reason
If Bill Gates is really a philanthropist
If the government and the medical establishment have given everything
To save us from a killer virus
If the mainstream media were right all along
And weren’t corrupted, bribed and manipulated
If they actually did a good job
By telling us the truth all along
Then I was wrong, not trusting them
If that will be shown today
Then please, forgive me

If there is no elite
If there is no Satanism
If there is no widespread child trafficking
If MK Ultra was a hoax
I will be confused, but not sad
I will actually be relieved
Because that would mean the world is not as horrible as I thought it was
It would mean there are not millions of children being molested
It would mean the world is a much better place, than I was made to believe
It would mean I was the victim of hypnosis, not you

Somewhere, deep down, I still hope I am wrong
I would be so happy
And of course, I would apologize
And ask you to forgive me
And I would ask you to hold my hand
To help me find to find my feet again
If this happens today, will you be there for me?

But my darling, if nothing happens today
If the wheels keeps turning
And we all get vaccinated
If the numbers go down
And the economy goes up
If we all go back to normal
As if nothing has happened
I think I will really break down
Because I can’t handle another decade of living a lie anymore
Not even a year
Not even a fucking day!

So, if nothing happens today, my dear
Please help me
Please hold me
Because I don’t think I will be able to cope
I won’t be able to stop crying for a long time
Maybe forever

Sanne Burger


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