Acting against better judgment


Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you were in the wrong place, but you stayed anyway?
Where you knew you were with the wrong people, but you didn’t leave?
Have you ever been in a situation where you chose to do the wrong thing?
That thing that would make you or other people unhappy
that thing that would put you or other people in danger
that thing that would bore you to death
that thing that would force you to lie?

I have

Acting against better judgment
Not listening to the whisper of your soul
Not listening to your true self
Have you ever felt this?
It’s not a pleasant feeling
On the contrary

From an eagle perspective, you could say there are no mistakes
On a divine level, this is true
Because every wrong choice you make, every despicable act, every excruciating moment, can be a lesson
Everything that happens in your life can be a lesson
And yes, when you learn from a wrong choice not to make that choice again, you might say it was meaningful

However, don’t use this as a justification
Don’t use it to postpone
Don’t use it to not change
Don’t use it to justify perpetuating a situation or a relationship in which you know you are not where you are supposed to be

This place might not belong to you
These people might not belong to you
You might not be with the right partner
You might not have the right job
If this is so, you know it
You feel it in your gut, while you read these words

Make it important to do the right thing
Don’t say you’ll get another chance, in the next life
Don’t say you’ll do it later
Don’t say it’s all the same anyway
Don’t say it’s all meaningful, because it’s not
Not on a human level
Not here

There’s a huge difference between being where you belong and nót being where you belong
There’s a huge difference between being with soulmates, with your tribe, with like minded people, or being with people who are actually not on the same wavelength, or not from the same soul family, as you are
There are people who bring you down
There are people who lift you up
There are people who inspire you
There are people who numb you
It’s not the same
It’s vastly different

Be precise with your choices
Be honest
Be courageous
Your life matters
You matter
Your choices matter

Every choice you make either brings you closer to freedom, or takes you further away from freedom
Every choice you make either brings you closer to happiness, or leads you away from happiness
Every choice makes you stronger, or weaker

Make your choices important
Make your strength, your health, your happiness important
You matter
You really do
Because your choices will eventually set the direction for the whole of humanity

Where do you want to go?
Where do you want your children to go?
Where do you want humanity to be in seven generations?

Make it important
Because it is important
Every step on the way counts
Every thought counts

You make the difference

Sanne Burger


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