She Who Weeps


It’s late at night when I hear a knock on the door
I immediately know it’s her
It’s She Who Weeps again

‘I am busy’, I try
‘Go away!’
I hear her voice behind the door
‘Please let me in
I have nowhere to go’

I know why
Because once she comes in
It takes days before she leaves
And she weeps all the time
She’s so sad
And I really don’t feel like listening to her sob stories
But at the same time
I feel sorry for her
So, I open the door and say
‘Okay then, come in’

She enters my house
She’s covered with dust and dirt
Her once beautiful, colorful clothes, are torn and grey
I ask her ‘Why do you do this to yourself?
Why do you travel the world gathering sad stories?’
And she says ‘You know why’
And I take her in my arms and hold her
And she weeps

She weeps about the things she has seen
She weeps about the children gone missing
She weeps about torture and rape
She weeps about mothers losing their daughters
About sons reaching for their fathers
Who have disappeared
She weeps about arguing lovers
Destroying vulnerable lives
She weeps about strong men in prison
She weeps about young adults being lost
Having nothing to live for
Having nothing to die for
Having nothing to believe in

She weeps about toddlers being left alone
With only a screen to distract them
She weeps about hospitals
Old people’s homes
She weeps about the loneliness in this world
She weeps about the people being left alone to die
She weeps about corruption and theft
She weeps about the people in power

She weeps about the suffering earth
The polluted oceans
The poisoned rivers
The soil, cracking open because of draught
Inflicted draught by companies that just pump up the ground water
Emptying the soil
Like draining the blood of a person who is still alive

She weeps about the animal factories
The suffering of noble beings like pigs and cows
She weeps about the rape of innocence
The amnesia of human kind
The inflicting of useless suffering
The horror stories being told
About punishment and sin

It’s all inside of her
And she weeps and weeps
While I put her to bed
While I wash her body
While I listen to her stories and don’t interrupt
While I dry her eyes with a soft, clean cloth
While I wash her dirty clothes

While I gently wash her hair
Put oil in it
So it becomes soft again
While I stroke her hair
Until the color returns to it
And the grey slowly disappears
And color comes back to her cheeks
And gently the light in her eyes returns
The scratches on her skin heal
The wrinkles in her face soften

She needs care
She needs attention
She needs patience
She needs time
She just needs someone who listens to her
Who doesn’t send her away
Who doesn’t tell her there’s no time
Who doesn’t tell her to go somewhere else with her sob stories

Because she is the heart of humanity
She is you
She is me
And once again, I realize how important it is that I sit here with her
That I hold space
And once I decide there is nothing more important than this
She finally falls into a deep sleep
And she rejuvenates while she sleeps
She heals her wounds

And eventually she wakes up
Looking transformed
She’s such a beautiful woman
She’s a mother
A girl
A grandmother
A teacher
A warrior
A lover
A woman

She has regained strength
And She Who Weeps takes me in her arms
And I feel a love flowing into me
That can only come from the heart of Mother Earth herself
And she says ‘Thank you
We will meet again’
And then she leaves

She walks with such beauty and grace
I look at her while she walks away
She is so beautiful
She is so brave
She is so powerful
She Who Weeps is the most beautiful woman that I have ever met in my life
How could I forget?
I feel grateful that she chose me to spend her time with
To tell her stories to
And to weep with

I am honored to know
She Who Weeps

Sanne Burger

Art: Pattypat Art (Facebook)


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