True love


If you come for my daughter
While your intentions are not pure
I will fight you
If you come for my son
Wanting to harm him
I will fight you
If you come for my mother
Who cannot defend herself
I will fight you

I will defend them
I will protect them
I will fight for them
If I have to
To the death

If you come for my food
That I have worked for
That I have harvested
That I have stored
You have to ask for permission
If you don’t
I will tell you to fuck off

Don’t misunderstand
I am all for love and light
But love is not soft
True love is fierce
Light is not about looking away
Or covering up injustice
Light is about looking the beast right in the eye
And confront him

I will never kill in a frenzy
I will never hurt you, because I enjoy it
I will never attack, just for fun
I pick my fights carefully
I will only use my human right to defend myself
If I have to

And even then
I will have love in my heart
And I will feel sorry for you
For being what you are
A lost soul
A broken man or woman
Not capable of acting according to his true nature
Which is love and light

Sanne Burger


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