Follow your heart

Last week I drove from Andalucia to Holland, through France, Luxemburg and Belgium.
It was a stunning trip.
The roads were empty and it was spring everywhere.
There was no control at the borders, or anywhere else.
No police, no road blocks, no nothing.
Except for one patrol at a roundabout in a Spanish village.
They kindly asked me where I was going and then wished me a nice trip, without checking my papers.

Was I lucky?
Was this coincidence?
Is this common for everybody?
Or… was it thanks to my intergalactic 5D invisible protection bubble?
I think the latter.

These times are a test.
What is tested, is the degree of your willingness to give up your free will.
You don’t have to give it up, but they will do everything in their power to make you think so.
Still, the choice is yours.

Just continue to live your life from a place of freedom.
Don’t let them intimidate you.
Let go of fear.
What does your heart say?
What feels right for you, now?
What makes you happy?
What contributes to more love in the world?
Do that.

You don’t have to fight them.
You don’t have to provoke.
Just ignore them and live your life.
You are in charge.
You are a sovereign being.
Show this to yourself first by following your heart, no matter what.
Gather proof.
Gain confidence.

Your courage will encourage others.
And together, we will be unstoppable.

Sanne Burger

Photo: Vineyards Beaune, Route du Soleil, Burgundy, France


2 Replies to “Follow your heart”

  1. Lieve Sanne, dank je wel voor al je berichtjes! Het zijn kadootjes voor de ziel en geven mij bevestiging en helder inzicht in mezelf en in de wereld om ons heen. Blijf ze alsjeblieft posten.

  2. Mooie krachtige en juiste woorden. Ze kloppen met mijn ervaring.
    Ik vergeet het hele corona-gebeuren incl de maatregelen zelfs regelmatig. ‘Oh ja, sorry, nee, is niet goed voor mij’, komt er dan spontaan uit mij. De ander reageert dan regelmatig met, ‘Sorry mevrouw’ of met ‘Sorry’.
    Maar gisteren liep ik met fiets fietsenwinkel binnen. Jongen die kwam helpen, wees mij ‘achteruit, mevrouw’ en ‘nog verder achteruit’…
    ‘Zó, wat geloof jij er in’, zei ik, weglopend…
    De kracht vd beïnvloeding…

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