Coming home

Illustration by Susan Seddon Boulet

Illustration: Susan Seddon Boulet

I’m ready to come home
I’m ready to plant trees
And see them bear fruits

Im ready to start my own veggie garden
I’m ready to build a fire place
I’m ready to get a dog
And promise him he can grow old here

I’m ready to move with the seasons
I’m ready to be patient
to wait for spring to come
I’m ready to tame my restlessness
To calm my gypsy blood

I’m ready to stop running
I’m ready to tell my inner child she’s safe
That she doesn’t have to run away anymore
I will tell her that having a home
Doesn’t mean she has to give up her freedom
I will tell her
That having a home doesn’t mean
Utter boredom
That having a home doesn’t mean adventure is over
That having a home doesn’t mean
she will be trapped forever
choking within these four walls

I’m ready to feel the fear of being found
The fear of losing everything
The fear of being betrayed
The fear of my parents fighting
The fear of loneliness

I welcome these old memories
I will tell my inner child that she’s safe
That she can rest now
That she can breathe
That it’s okay to let the tears flow
That this is what coming home feels like

I’m here for you
You can rest now
I got your back
I’m not going anywhere
I’ve come home

Sanne Burger


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