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In our new online SHOP you can now buy the complete 2 hour instruction video for € 50,-. Ideal for self study and to deepen your practice. Students who did the course with me in the past get 50% discount!

Ancient Thai Massage is more than a massage

It’s a journey through the inner landscape of your body. This landscape is formed by your soul and your life story. All experiences, especially the powerful, emotional ones, are filed within your body. Every tension, every sense of discomfort in the body reflects an experience in your life, what it taught you and how it supports or contradicts your life’s purpose. Many of us carry around useless convictions, like ‘life is hard’ or ‘I cannot trust anyone’. These are limiting beliefs that make you hold back your true self, your passion, wisdom and lust for life.

Ancient Thai Massage creates the space and movement to let go of these limiting beliefs, through allowing blocked memories and emotions to come up and be released. Once again you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your true nature and tune into your strength, trust and joy. These are natural qualities and much closer than you might think.

There are many variations on Thai massage, of which many are excellent. This form is called ‘ancient’ because it’s the 2 hour body treatment that has been developed by Dr Jivakar Kumar centuries ago and has never been changed. In my experience it’s the most complete bodywork that is available these days. It works on every joint, muscle and meridian. It has a flow that I’ve never encountered anywhere else. After the massage you will leave with a feeling of wholeness, understanding and love – and all this takes place without effort.

Many of us have forgotten how to relax and how to receive. Many of us are scared of asking for what we need – often we don’t even know what we need! With Ancient Thai Massage you learn again how to surrender and how to love yourself to a degree that you can actually allow to receive love, through the caring touch and presence of the masseuse. That’s why sometimes we call it ‘yoga for the lazy man’, as Ancient Thai Massage teaches you to let go of control and effort, of will power and strain. True healing takes place when you let go, not when you try to push anything.

I was taught Ancient Thai Massage by Rahul Bharti in Kathmandu, Nepal. I started my training in 2000 and am not yet bored by it! Rahul Bharti now resides in Pondicherry, India. You can reach him through his website: Since 2000 I have given countless Ancient Thai Massages. My skills are deepened by my own spiritual path, traveling the world and my understanding of Qigong and the taoist system of self healing called Healing Tao. The past 4 years I’ve been living in Pisac in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Besides individual sessions I also teach the basic 6 days course where you learn how to give an Ancient Thai Massage. Currently I live and work in Spain, but I am regularly in the Netherlands to give massages.


Massage is my prayer