I don’t belong to this world

Sanne Burger

20 August 2018


I don’t belong to this world of fear and suffering
I’m not meant to lock my house, my car and my heart
I didn’t come here to submit to your petty beliefs
your justification of war and injustice

I didn’t come here to be forced into your regime
to be poisoned by your pills and beliefs
to be enslaved by the fear of poverty
induced by a money system that was created for just that

I’m not here to suffocate by the lack of space you create
I’m not here to accept your slow death

I’m not here to be shamed into hiding my body
my passion, my lust, my senses, my curves
my emotions, my anger, my tears, my joy
I’m here to express myself

I look straight through your disguise of religion, science and politics
your scary stories of death and disease, guilt and punishment

I will never bend for you
I’m not scared
My back is straight
My heart is open
You are simply not strong enough to bring me down

I came here to stay awake
I refuse your hypnosis
I came here to make a change
I refuse to submit
I came here to dance
I refuse to sit still
I came here to roam into nature
I refuse your offices, shopping malls, hospitals, schools and parking lots

I came here to embrace life
I refuse to wither away under your spell
I came here to speak the truth
I refuse to lie
I came here to celebrate, to trust, to love, to play
I refuse to suffer

In my world people marry out of love, not out of fear
In my world no children are born by mistake
In my world nobody is left behind

In my world there’s no rape, because there’s no shame
there’s no poverty, because we share
there’s no violence, because there’s freedom
In my world we grow up under the guidance of wise men and women
not by the ignorant hypocrites that rule your world

We don’t have institutions, we don’t need them
We have nature
We have intelligence
We have love
We have each other

You are pathetic
Your world is dying, you just don’t see it yet
Try not to make too much of a mess on your exit
as we are taking over

Sanne Burger

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