5D challenge: share your worst 3D memories


You are a 5D being
But maybe there are still little pieces of 3D in you
Like pieces of broken glass
That once penetrated your beautiful soul and got stuck
These pieces are your unsolved memories
They cause bitterness and pain
But, only as long as you hold on to them
By sharing them, you take them out
By sharing them, you set yourself free

It is time to let go of all the hurt you have ever encountered in this 3D realm
Set those memories free
Like birds, flying up in the sky
Bring them into the light
Make space for a new reality
These memories are no longer part of you
In fact, they never were

Imagine a big campfire in 5D
A purifying, transforming fire
A fire, where every human being can sit around
Now you can share your memories, and offer them to the fire
They will burn like dry leaves
It will make you feel like a fresh breath of morning air
These memories might not even belong to you
But to your mother, sisters and other ancestors
To your father and brothers
It does not matter

We are here to liberate each other
We are here to help each other unload our burden
You are not the only one who went through deep shit
You are not alone
It wasn’t your fault
We are all meant to be free
Men and women alike

Imagine yourself sitting around the fire
With a lot of other men and women
Just when you are ready to share
The talking stick is given to you by divine timing

Just a woman
I’ll go now
These memories are not chronological
And ‘he’ is referring to different men

He is driving
I am sitting next to him
He has gone mad
He keeps going faster
He is driving like a maniac
I am scared
It is dangerous
He screams
I am going to kill us both!
You are not leaving!
He hits me in the face
I’m too late to duck
The car spins out of control
We almost drive off the road
He screams: see what you make me do?

He says: I’m stuck with you
Usually I don’t make mistakes
But you were a big one
I thought you were more fun

It is in the middle of the night
My child is sick
He can’t breathe
I am sitting on the bathroom floor
Holding him in my arms
the shower is running
The steam gives some relief
With every gasp of my little son
My heart breaks
Then suddenly he’s there, yelling:
What are you doing?
Keep that child quiet!
What kind of mother are you?

I call my mother
I need help, I say
I need to leave
I can’t stay with him anymore
She says: what do you mean?
He is a good husband
He pays the bills
He pays the house
Don’t you dare leave him
Think of the children
I am not going to help you
My mother never helped me either
You are on your own

He laughs
He thinks he has won
He is happy

And I am waiting
Waiting for the day I can escape
Waiting for the day I can leave
I am waiting for justice
I am waiting for redemption
I am waiting

I have spoken
I have managed to speak with an unwavering voice
Somehow that pleases me
There is a deep silence around the crackling fire
I see men with a grave expression on their face
I see women crying
I am surprised
Is that because of me?
I feel heard
I feel seen
The memories have transformed

I smile
I feel like a fresh breath of morning air
I give the talking stick to the person next to me
I am ready to listen
I am ready to hold space
I am ready to help others transform their pain

What are your worst 3D memories?
Give them to the fire
Set yourself free

You can do this by yourself
By following the visualisations
By making a list and burn it
Or you can do it in a circle of close friends
Or in a tribal gathering
A women’s circle, or a men’s circle
Or you can do it on social media

Reach out when you need help
We are here for you
We, the people who did this
Who got healed, partly or wholly
We will never judge you
We have been to hell and back ourselves
We know what it’s like
If we can do it, you can do it!

Sanne Burger

Art: Pattypat Art (Facebook)


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